Did you know that Physiotherapy can greatly improve your health and wellbeing?

Are you experiencing any of the conditions? I treat:

GreenCheckmark Seniors – including falls treatment and prevention; individualized treatment and       exercise programs

GreenCheckmark Low back pain and strain

GreenCheckmark Neck pain and strain

GreenCheckmark Sciatica and nerve injuries

GreenCheckmark Shoulder pain and injury

GreenCheckmark Elbow, wrist and hand pain and injury

GreenCheckmark Knee pain and injuries

GreenCheckmark Ankle and foot pain and strain

GreenCheckmark Chronic pain

GreenCheckmark Sport Injuries, specializing in running and golf injuries and analyzing technique to minimize       strain

GreenCheckmark Pre/post surgery rehabilitation i.e hip, knee, shoulder and back and replacement surgeries

GreenCheckmark Tendonopathy/Tendonitis

GreenCheckmark Osteoarthritis/Degenerative conditions

GreenCheckmark Ligament sprains

GreenCheckmark Repetitive Strain Injuries/Overuse Injuries

GreenCheckmark Postural retraining

 Ergonomic Assessments

I have extensive experience conducting office ergonomic assessments whether it be for companies or individuals.

Did you know? Working at your computer/desk in an awkward position with poor posture can cause injury and strain to the body. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to receive an ergonomic assessment and refer to the article Preventing Computer Repetitive Strain Injuries for more information.

Health Starts in Your Home

Physiotherapy Treatment techniques provided:

Based on your needs, physiotherapy treatment may include:

GreenCheckmarkExtensive Patient EducationPhysiotherapy_tools
GreenCheckmarkManual Therapy
GreenCheckmarkMyofascial massage
GreenCheckmarkDry Needling
GreenCheckmarkPostural Retraining
GreenCheckmarkIndividualized Exercise Programs
GreenCheckmarkSports or Activity Specific Training
GreenCheckmarkBalance and Gait Retraining
GreenCheckmarkEducation on Bracing Need/ Gait Aids


What should you expect when I come to your home?

  • You will receive a friendly welcome at the door.Pam_Honeyman_home_visit
  • I will bring a portable treatment table bed. However, if I am treating your wrist or finger it will not be necessary to bring the table.
  • I will also bring a medical bag with equipment such as: massage cream, acupuncture needles, therapeutic exercise bands, therapeutic tape, portable ultrasound machine, measuring devices etc.
  • I will start by going over the history of your current injury or ailment and your past medical history. Next,  I will examine the body part in question. Your condition will be diagnosed to the best of my clinical ability and thoroughly explained to you.
  • You will be provided with a specific and customized treatment plan, home exercises and tips for self management and prevention ideas to avoid if possible recurring issues. Your progress will be monitored and your treatment exercises will be adjusted in accordance to your progress and needs.

What do I need to do to prepare?

  • It is asked that you supply pillow and a towel for your own personal use. If you have relevant x-ray, MRI or other diagnostic reports, please have available to be read.

You are always free to ask questions at any time. The aim is to make you feel very comfortable and at ease while being treated in your own home.

I look forward to meeting with you to help you reach your full potential and health and wellness goals.

All in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience with a trustworthy, caring and effective physiotherapist with 20+ years of experience.


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