About Physio in Your Home

Why Choose Physio in Your Home? Easy…I can help!

When you choose Physio in Your Home, you will receive one on one, hour-long treatment from a registered physiotherapist in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

This in home service is ideal for people with:

  • decreased mobility
  • rehabilitation needs after surgery
  • limited access to transportation
  • people with fast-paced lifestyles, parents with children who have difficulty leaving the home
  • multiple family members requiring physiotherapy
  • the preference of the privacy and the convenience of having treatment in their own home – inclement weather, arranging transportation, and parking issues/expenses can all be avoided.

Treatment Goals ObjectivesTreatment and exercise plans are prescribed and tailored to your individual needs. Clear treatment objectives and goals are established with you from the initial visit to focus on achieving desired health and wellness outcomes as quickly as possible. Education and tips for ongoing management and prevention of further injury or exacerbation will be provided.

The goal is to get you back to the activities you enjoy doing as soon as you can!


How I can help?

  • I work in partnership to provide you treatment, education and support to understand and manage your ailment. Techniques are provided to help you treat yourself.
  • I specialize and have extensive training in hands-on treatment techniques. A physiotherapist’s hands and problem solving skills are their best tools.
  • While long-term solutions and preventing future flare-ups is my main goal, the treatment also focuses on short-term relief so that you can start feeling better, now!
  • I am also passionate and care about your health and wellbeing – I will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible, especially if your problem is urgent.
  • Because treatment is one-on-one and lasts a full hour, patients often don’t need to be seen 2-3 times a week as in most clinics. However, I will treat you as often as needed and will continue with ongoing care as required to ensure you stay on your path to wellness.
  • My services are covered by most extended health care benefit plans which may or may not require a Doctor’s prescription. As hospital and OHIP-funded community care clinics waiting lists have grown and CCAC-approved home visits are limited in number, I can provide the physio care that is not covered by OHIP services.
  • I will work closely with your doctor or health care team. Progress notes will be written to your doctor if requested to maximize collaboration and feedback.
  • I am proactive regarding your treatment and if you require additional services, I am committed to referring you on to my network of excellent health care providers and consultants.

Why choose Pamela Honeyman?

I have the experience and qualifications to thoroughly assess and analyze the underlying cause of your problem in order to rid or minimize your discomfort, injury, or mobility issue, so that you can return to a state of well-being and optimal physical functioning.


      • I have over 20 years of experience in physiotherapy working in a variety of treatment settings: Out-patient orthopedic and sports medicine, physiotherapy clinics, and hospitals. I have also worked as the on-site physiotherapist for Nortel Networks and the Toronto Star.
      • I have taken over 50 post graduate physiotherapy courses. As a life-long learner, I keep up with the latest trends and techniques for providing optimal, experienced and evidenced based individualized patient care.
      • I am certified in Acupuncture.
      • I am trustworthy, caring, compassionate and kind.

More about Pamela:

Pam Honeyman PhysiotherapistMy first degree is an Honours BSc in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo studying health promotion, wellness and health education. I graduated from McMaster University in Physiotherapy in 1993 with honours.

I am a sports and fitness enthusiast. I enjoys tennis, golf, yoga, gym workouts and hiking. My interests include travelling, reading, health and wellness issues.

I am a lover of the arts including live music of most genres, plays and film festival type drama and documentary movies. I need to dust off the piano and guitar but that may have to wait until retirement!